learning to surrender

My journey started a few years ago when I went to Bali on a whim. (I know it's cliche but I deeply believe Bali has magical healing powers) I was at a crossroads with work constantly searching, striving, pushing myself to climb up the ladder, to be more successful. I was looking for something but I wasn't sure what it was so instead I kept reaching for more. It was when I was in Bali, rested and feeling the most connected I had ever felt that a thought came across me. "I could quit my job, sell all my things, move here and I would be happy". It was just a thought but it was the surest thing I knew about myself. That was the first time in a long time that I decided to listen to my intuition.


learning to trust my intuition

I started making decisions based on my intuition. I left my career in merchandising, I moved back home with my parents and I started doing all the things that my inner child wanted to do. I started practicing yoga, painting, meditating, writing, reading spiritual books, etc. The more I fed my soul the more I aligned with HER. Eventually it became clear what lit up my soul. So clear that choosing to live a life not listening to HER was like choosing to not live at all. So I did it, I did the one thing she kept asking me to do. 

I quit my job, I moved to Bali and I started this beautiful podcast. I did it for HER, I did it for me and of course I did it for you. Because so often we are told to play it safe, to stay small, to shut off our intuition and color inside the lines. Well, I want to show you the beauty of living the life you feel called to. Through the ups and downs, through the authentic talks with healers and spiritual leaders--I want to show you that 


Because you really can! You are the creator of your universe. When you reconnect with your soul you realign with your purpose. And after that there's nothing that can stop you because thats the exact mission your soul came here for.